To the Visionary Artists with Big Dreams..

Want the secrets of effortless art style?

Unlock your artistic voice with 1-1 Mentorship and Reka's Grimoire Method.

I know the struggle

  • You have amazing ideas in your head, but struggle to get them out on paper looking how you want

  • Your art style fluctuates between styles, or changes every year and never feels quite right for YOU.

  • You aren't sure what to draw most days, so you have a hard time staying consistent.


After getting my degree in design, I led brand and vision clarity workshops, working with major brands including..

I apply those strategies to defining my own visual identity as an artist, and today my art is recognized instantly.

I fine-tuned my process to create The Grimoire Method and I'll be working closely with a select few artists to implement it and unlock their own artistic edge.

Turn your
vision to reality

  • Ultimate clarity on your artistic vision

    You'll feel confident in yourself as an artist. We will dig into what makes you unique and craft an independent path with the right goals for tailored to you and your unique vision.

  • Start your own "Grimoire" Sketchbook

    I'll show you how to set up a sketchbook using my Grimoire Method for consistency and confidence it holds ideas, style, inspiration, journaling, and notes and it will be the home base of your art style.

  • An Iconic Artstyle you LOVE

    A style that's iconically YOU, that gets recognized instantly as YOURS, and that you become so obsessed with that you cant help but love each piece you make.

  • Never have "Art Block" again

    You will leave with an endless stream of ideas so you never run out of things to draw, and a style you love drawing so much that you cant wait to draw each day.

Uncover your artistic EDGE

  • 4x (45m) live video calls with Reka (via zoom)

  • Reka's Grimoire Method and step-by-step implementation

  • Visual Identity workbook to get clear on your direction as an artist

  • Personalized homework from Reka based on your goals and style inspirations

  • Access to Reka via Discord DM for any questions you might have

  • All-Access Pass to my archive of my past courses and video lessons

My first 3 slots are available at 50% off at



(Payment plans available)

Once those slots are taken, they're GONE, and the price raises to $500 next time I open them.

  • Goal Reaching Guarantee: You reach the goal we set together (at the start) or I'll keep working with you until you do.

  • Full Refund available in the first week in case it doesn't feel like it's a good fit.


(May flex a bit depending on your personal goals)

Week 1: Identity (45m call)

  • Goal setting: this will determine what your final project for the mentorship will be

  • Start your Sketchbook with assignments for clarity on who you are as an artist

Week 2: Clarity (45m call)

  • Get clear on your inner artist world, inspirations, and direction for your artwork

  • Personalized homework plan for your sketchbook to start using your inspiration

Week 3: Definition (45m call)

  • We clearly define your style guide so you know how to draw any & everything

  • Personalized action plan for practicing using your style this week

Week 4: Implementation (45m call)

  • Create the project we defined in week 1 with direct support from Reka

  • Action plan for your next few projects and how to continue from here

Got questions?
You can DM me at @rekaholic on instagram

(This does not reserve a spot)